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Advanced Foot Health Practitoner

Our feet go through a lot and it is important that we care and look after them. You may be a fitness fanatic, a busy professional, looking after your family or someone who is now enjoying retirement. It is important that you look after your feet so that you can continue to keep active and be able to do the everyday activities you enjoy without pain and discomfort.

Experienced Advanced Foot Health Practitioner

As an Advanced Foot Health Practitioner I can offer a broad range  of treatments. From basic toenail maintenance to  diabetic foot care, callus reduction, corn removal, fungal, ingrown toenails, verruca treatments and finger nail cutting all at affordable prices. 

A Personal Approach

At Walking on Air Foot Care my aim is to promote good foot health care by making treatments available in the comfort of your own home. Which will improve and maintain your overall health and to empower you to continue to lead an active lifestyle.

How I Can Help You

Foot Health Care


I offer a variety of foot health care treatments from basic toe nail maintenance to fungal and verruca treatments.


Foot Conditions


Treatments and advice for Plantar fascitis, Metatarsalgia, Hallux Valgus (Bunions) and Toe deformities including clawed and hammer toes.

Diabetic Foot Care


People with diabetes can become vulnerable to infections and sensory neuropathy.  Diabetes can also affect the quality of blood flow and impact on the bodies natural ability to heal. This is why it is important to look after your feet and to have regular checks and look after the health of your feet. S295064, MCFH A5728C

About Me

Myra Fiona Thompson

I spent several years studying and training within a clinical environment in the NHS. 

I then completed an Advanced Foot Health Practitioner Diploma in 2018 and became an associated member of the I.O.C.P as a Member of the College of Foot Health. 

I can also be found on the Register for Foot Health Practitioners.

Mission Statement

My mission statement is to promote good Foot Health Care by making treatments affordable and accessible for all so that clients can continue to keep active and enjoy everyday activities without discomfort or pain. 


I volunteer every 6 weeks with the charity Forgotten Feet at Lights on G1. This is held at the Lodging House Mission in Glasgow. Where I can offer free foot care treatments to those who are homeless ,vulnerable  or alone

I have many interests which include going to the gym, a regular hill walker and going on holidays .

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